YDNC Launches Innovative Program To Elect Young Democrats / by Young Democrats of NC YDNC

Contact: Lorenzo Pedro / lorenzopedrophoto@gmail.com

On May 15, the Young Democrats of North Carolina (YDNC) announced the YDNC Cardinal Candidates Program to elect Young Democrats running for office across the state. YDNC will be using Hustle, a peer-to-peer text messaging platform, and social media engagement to turn out young voters in key districts. This unprecedented program will work in conjunction with the more traditional campaign strategies, such as calling voters or knocking on doors. 

"We are revolutionizing the way we think about campaigns" said YDNC President Anne Evangelista. "As a statewide organization, we have the ability to harness the energy of Young Democrats throughout the state and focus it on districts where we have a real chance of electing fresh, new candidates" 

The Following people have been added as YDNC Cardinal Candidates: 

-Kathy Manning - 13th Congressional 

-Linda Coleman - 2nd Congressional 

-Frank McNeill - 8th Congressional 

-Kathy Manning - 13th Congressional 

-Ryan Watts - 6th Congressional 

-Dan McCready - 9th Congressional 

-Kris Rixon - 9th House 

-Albeiro Florez - 45th House 

-Steven Buccini - 59th House 

-Erica McAdoo - 63rd House 

-Rep. Chaz Beasley - 92nd House 

-Wesley Harris - 105th House 

-Da'quan Love - 4th House 

-Dan Whitten - 15th House 

-Ashton Clemmons - 57th House 

-Rep. Cecil Brockman - 60th House 

-Amanda Bregel - 87th House 

-Carla Fassbender - 95th House 

-Cole Phelps - 1st Senate 

-Michael garrett - 27th Senate 

-John Motsinger, Jr. - 31st Senate 

-Sen. Jeff Jackson - 37th Senate 

-J.D. Wooten - 24th Senate 

-Cheraton Love - 29th Senate 

-Caroline Walker - 35th Senate 

-Brandon Anderson 45th Senate 

More will be added to the YDNC Cardinal Candidates list throughout the summer and fall. 

"As the former President of YDNC, I'm thrilled to see what this program will do for our young candidates" said North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Wayne Goodwin. "We're ready to take back the majority in the General Assembly and win races up and down the ballot and we know that young people are key to those victories" 

Founded in 1928, the Young Democrats of North Carolina (YDNC) is an organization for all registered Democrats age 36 and under, including College Democrats and Teen Democrats. YDNC is one of the oldest political organizations in our state, and is the founding state federation of the Young Democrats of America. YDNC is the official youth auxiliary of the North Carolina Democratic Party.