YDNC Statement on Allegations Against Duane Hall / by khaetlyn grindell

The Young Democrats of North Carolina (YDNC) stand with the individuals who have come forward about the reprehensible actions of Representative Duane Hall. As an organization, YDNC condemns—in the strongest of terms—harassment, assault, and gender-based violence of any kind.

Furthermore, as both current and future leaders of the Democratic Party, we will not tolerate behavior from any leader that compromises our most deeply held values of dignity, fairness, and justice. YDNC looks forward to the swift resignation of any elected Democrat who stands in contrast to these values so that we may put forth our efforts to support and elect leaders who will embody the ideals of our Party.

Most importantly, many who have come forward are young leaders and activists in our Party. Young people across the nation have recently reclaimed power in speaking their truths, from #MeToo to #NeverAgain, despite immense personal risk. We must remember to listen to and elevate those voices in our own communities when they courageously speak out.

We hope that the bravery demonstrated by these individuals will be seen as a strength and an asset in their future careers and within our Party. We encourage the current membership and alumni of YDNC to offer their support to these individuals in any way possible. Lastly, we ask our general membership to both challenge the narratives that attempt to discredit victims and to confront the rigid gender norms which harm us all.