YDNC Statement on the GOP Attacks Against Elaine Marshall / by khaetlyn grindell

The Young Democrats of North Carolina (YDNC) condemn in the strongest of terms the N.C. Republican attempts to impeach Secretary of State Elaine Marshall. In the absence of any legal direction from the State or law enforcement agency and without any evidence of wrongdoing, it is clear this attack on Secretary Marshall is nothing more than a partisan witch hunt.

“Instead of working to improve the economy, education, or environment for North Carolinians, Republicans continue to spend their time and energy on attacking an honorable public servant,” said Ebony West. YDNC President. “The people of North Carolina will remember the priorities of the Republican Party in the next election.”

Secretary Marshall is the first woman elected to the Council of State in North Carolina. She also formerly served as a YDNC National Committeewoman.