YDNC Statement on Allegations Against Duane Hall by khaetlyn grindell

The Young Democrats of North Carolina (YDNC) stand with the individuals who have come forward about the reprehensible actions of Representative Duane Hall. As an organization, YDNC condemns—in the strongest of terms—harassment, assault, and gender-based violence of any kind.

Furthermore, as both current and future leaders of the Democratic Party, we will not tolerate behavior from any leader that compromises our most deeply held values of dignity, fairness, and justice. YDNC looks forward to the swift resignation of any elected Democrat who stands in contrast to these values so that we may put forth our efforts to support and elect leaders who will embody the ideals of our Party.

Most importantly, many who have come forward are young leaders and activists in our Party. Young people across the nation have recently reclaimed power in speaking their truths, from #MeToo to #NeverAgain, despite immense personal risk. We must remember to listen to and elevate those voices in our own communities when they courageously speak out.

We hope that the bravery demonstrated by these individuals will be seen as a strength and an asset in their future careers and within our Party. We encourage the current membership and alumni of YDNC to offer their support to these individuals in any way possible. Lastly, we ask our general membership to both challenge the narratives that attempt to discredit victims and to confront the rigid gender norms which harm us all.

Save-the-Date: Convention 2018 ✨ by khaetlyn grindell

The Young Democrats of North Carolina, the College Democrats of North Carolina, and the North Carolina Association of Teen Democrats invite young people all across the state to join us at the 2018 State Convention and to celebrate the 90th anniversary of YDNC.

What: YDNC/CDNC/NCATD Convention 2018
When: Friday, April 6th - Sunday, April 8th
Where: Charlotte, NC

“The Democratic Party has changed significantly in the past 90 years. The Young Democrats of North Carolina stand as a testament to the hard work of activists and young people who made us the organization we are today,” states Ebony West, President of YDNC. “As the largest progressive political organization for young people in the state, we look forward to inviting new members and making our big tent party even more inclusive at the 2018 Convention.”

As organizations chartered through the YDNC umbrella, CDNC and NCATD share in this nearly century-long legacy of engaging young North Carolinians in progressive politics.

“90 years of progress, activism, and developing leaders is a landmark in the field of youth engagement. This achievement serves as a further testament to the dedication over the years shown by folks like; Secretary Elaine Marshall, Governors Cooper and Hunt, in which all of whom began their political journeys here. CDNC is remembering this 90th year by renewing our promise and dedication to ensuring the future success of our members,” states John Easterling III, President of CDNC.

This state convention will bring together CDNC’s first ever community college chapter, 3 HBCU'S, 12 private universities, and 11 schools apart of the UNC public university system. Additionally, a number of high school students will be in attendance through the North Carolina Association of Teen Democrats.

“The North Carolina Association of Teen Democrats is ecstatic to invite involved high school students from across North Carolina to come together this April as we collaborate and organize ahead of the vital 2018 midterm elections,” says NCATD President Bennett Stillerman. “The 2018 convention will be a great opportunity to look back at our past year, network with fellow progressives across our state, and develop a path forward as we fight to help Democrats take back the General Assembly this fall.”

Established in 1928, the Young Democrats of North Carolina is the oldest youth arm of the Democratic Party in the United States.

YDNC Statement on the GOP Attacks Against Elaine Marshall by khaetlyn grindell

The Young Democrats of North Carolina (YDNC) condemn in the strongest of terms the N.C. Republican attempts to impeach Secretary of State Elaine Marshall. In the absence of any legal direction from the State or law enforcement agency and without any evidence of wrongdoing, it is clear this attack on Secretary Marshall is nothing more than a partisan witch hunt.

“Instead of working to improve the economy, education, or environment for North Carolinians, Republicans continue to spend their time and energy on attacking an honorable public servant,” said Ebony West. YDNC President. “The people of North Carolina will remember the priorities of the Republican Party in the next election.”

Secretary Marshall is the first woman elected to the Council of State in North Carolina. She also formerly served as a YDNC National Committeewoman.

YDNC Statement on Paris Climate Accords by khaetlyn grindell

Although the Young Democrats of North Carolina (YDNC) is deeply disappointed that President Trump has withdrawn the United States from the Paris Climate Accords, YDNC is hopeful that North Carolina mayors will lead us into a future in which all North Carolinians can thrive.

Trump’s failure to position the United States as a world leader has compromised the nation’s opportunity to build a clean energy economy, create high-paying jobs, achieve energy independence, and ensure that America’s communities and natural beauty can flourish for future generations. However, a number of mayors in North Carolina have committed to honoring the Paris agreement, including the mayors of Asheville, Charlotte, Chapel Hill, Durham, Greensboro, Hillsborough, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem.

“As young people, we’re proud to see mayors across our state take the lead for our future,” said Bekah Whilden, YDNC national committeewoman. “Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our generation. Young voters will surely remember elected officials who stand on the side of the environment.”

The weight of North Carolina’s future cannot be shouldered by just a handful of cities. YDNC looks forward to every mayor’s commitment to the economic and environmental future of communities all across the state.

YDNC Statement on HB2 Repeal by khaetlyn grindell

The Young Democrats of North Carolina (YDNC) maintains that the actions of the Republican controlled General Assembly are the only reason why HB2 exists in the first place and remain disappointed that Republican lawmakers are forcing Governor Cooper into a compromised repeal of HB2.

“Young people want a state government that respects local control of cities and doesn’t compromise on civil rights,” said Ebony West, YDNC President. “It’s clear that the only way we will see a clean repeal of HB2 is if we elect progressives to the general assembly and overcome the gerrymandering which has created extreme and unfair representation in Raleigh.”

YDNC stands in solidarity with the LGBTQIA community and reaffirms its commitment to working alongside and supporting those most marginalized by unjust laws.

Young Democrats of North Carolina Elect Most Diverse Board in Organization History by khaetlyn grindell

The Young Democrats of North Carolina (YDNC) elected new officers at the 2017 YDNC State Convention in Greensboro, N.C. on Sunday, March 26. The new executive board is the most diverse in the organization’s history.

The new leadership includes the first black woman ever elected as President of the board. This is also the first time any woman has been elected in this position in nearly two decades since Jennifer Gullette served two terms from 1997-1999. In addition to six of the ten Board members being women, officers come from a variety of backgrounds which represent differences among religion, ethnicity, sexuality, and national origin.

“Our board is a testament to not only the changing demographics of this state but the necessity for leadership to reflect those whom they represent,” said newly elected President, Ebony West. “This is an opportunity for our organization to engage with people who feel underrepresented and to show them they are valued. Everyone can have a seat at the table in the Democratic Party.”

The officers of YDNC include Ebony West of Chapel Hill (President); Anne Evangelista of Greensboro (Executive Vice President); Colby Moore of Greensboro (National Committeeman); Rebekah Whilden of Asheville (National Committeewoman); Anniken Williams of Greenville (Secretary); Aja Gaul of Swannanoa (Western Regional Vice President); Vonnie Brown of Charlotte (Piedmont Regional Vice President); Kriss Gomez of Raleigh (Eastern Regional Vice President); Matt Hughes of Hillsborough (Treasurer); and Khaetlyn Grindell of Winston-Salem (Communications Director.)

The convention was one of largest and most well attended in recent history with over 150 in attendance. It was held in conjunction with the College and Teen Democrats of North Carolina. Founded in 1928, YDNC is the oldest statewide youth organization of the Democratic Party in the nation. The organization currently has a membership of over 600 young people from across the state of North Carolina.