Ray Russell for NC House (HD93) Seeks Campaign Manager / by khaetlyn grindell

Interested Applicants Should Contact the Campaign As Soon As Possible

Ray Russell, a candidate for NC House District 93, is seeking a talented campaign manager to run a highly competitive electoral race in Ashe and Watauga Counties in 2018. This race is ranked as one of the top ten most 'flippable' legislative districts in North Carolina. Ray Russell is a small business owner and a college teacher at Appalachian State University who declared his candidacy in October 2017. Since then, he has assembled an experienced local campaign team, recruited a large number of volunteers and has had two solid months of fundraising. 

Job Requirements

Applicants should: 

  • Have solid, previous campaign experience consistent with running a highly competitive, potentially high-dollar legislative race; familiarity with rural electoral work is a strong plus. 
  • Be passionate about flipping a competitive district as part of breaking the super-majority in the North Carolina House. 
  • Be willing to work long hours and work tirelessly, especially in the later parts of the campaign
  • Have strong organizational skills and a special ('nuts and bolts') attention to detail. Record keeping and tracking of volunteers and campaign activity will be important. 
  • Have a commitment to data driven analysis; familiarity with the voter file is a strong plus. 
  • Demonstrate a willingness to genuinely reach across boundaries to reach unaffiliated voters and Republican voters as part of a core campaign strategy. 
  • Be willing to embrace the campaign slogan of 'Respect. Listen. Lead.' 
  • Have the ability to interact with a wide variety of people -- from strong-willed Democratic partisans to unaffiliated and moderate voters; from university students and college town residents to small town and rural residents of the district. 
  • Be knowledgeable about organizing voter registration, canvassing, fundraising, campaign events, GOTV, and interacting with the local press. 
  • Be creative and knowledgeable about social media. 

Additional Relevant Information:

  • While Ray Russell is a first-time electoral candidate, he brings decades of experience managing and hiring employees as a minister, professor, department chair and small business owner. Applicants should expect high expectations and clear and consistent communication from Ray in their campaign manager role. 
  • Assistance obtaining temporary housing may be possible for applicants coming from outside the district. 
  • Familiarity with organizing among women and in spaces where women are in the majority will be a strong plus for applicants. The campaign strongly believes outreach to women (both voters and volunteers) will be critical to success in 2018. 
  • Ray Russell owns and operates the most widely read media outlet in Northwestern NC -- RaysWeather.com. Thus, he begins the race with unusually high name recognition for a first time candidate, which will be an asset in this highly competitive race. 

To Apply:

Interested applicants should contact Ray Russell directly (Ray@RayForNC.Com) with a statement of interest / cover letter and a current resume as soon as possible

This position is open until filled; decisions will likely be made by the first week of February.