Mujtaba Mohammed - NC Senate District 38


We are excited that Mohammed for NC Senate is our nominee for the 38th Senate District and a member of the #CardinalCandidates program.

Mujtaba has served with the Council for Children’s Rights and as a Assistant Public Defender in Charlotte. He is running to ensure every child receives a quality public education, to increase economic mobility, and to restore transparency in the NCGA.

You can find more information about Mujtaba here:

Carla Fassbender - NC House District 95


We are excited that Carla Fassbender for NC 95 is one of our #CardinalCandidates!

Carla is a middle school teacher from Mooresville and has been active in the Iredell County Democratic Party - NC. She is an advocate for public schools.

Erica McAdoo - NC House District 63

Running in House District 63, Erica McAdoo is one of our #CardinalCandidates!

Erica is a mother, educator, legal administrator, and native North Carolinian who is focused on supporting education, growing the economy, ensuring affordable healthcare and a livable wage, and resolving issues facing the foster care system.

You can find more info about Erica here:

Steven Buccini - NC House District 59


We are excited that Steven Buccini for NC House is one of our #CardinalCandidates!

Steven is a native of Greensboro, running to build a better future for Guilford County. He believes in creating job opportunities, investing in public education and teachers, and improving access to healthcare.

You can find more info about Steven here: 

Caroline Walker - NC Senate District 35


We are excited that Caroline Walker for NC Senate is one of our #CardinalCandidates as we look to turn the 35th Senate District blue!

Caroline is a mother and small business owner running in Union County. She is focusing her campaign on creating jobs & opportunities, fighting for smart growth & infrastructure, and standing up for every student & teacher.

You can find more info about Caroline here:

Wesley Harris - NC House District 105


Running in the 105th House District, we are excited that Wesley Harris for NC is one of our#CardinalCandidates!

Wesley is committed to rebuilding the state’s physical, intellectual, and social infrastructure. This means not only investing in roads and public transportation, but also funding the educational system and ensuring economic mobility.

You can find more info about Wesley here: 

Albeiro Florez - NC House District 45


We are excited that Albeiro Florez for NC is one of our #CardinalCandidates!

Al is an Army veteran who is running in Cumberland County. He wants to get to work on building a state where everyone is able to fulfill their aspirations and where no one gets left behind.

You can find more info about Al here:

John Motsinger Jr. - NC State Senate District 31


As a candidate for the 31st Senate District, we are excited that John Motsinger, Jr. for NC State Senate. is one of the #CardinalCandidates!

Running in a district that includes Davie and Forsyth Counties, John wants to ensure that the NCGA provides safe and affordable education for all students in the state, protects the environment, allows small business to thrive and innovate, and prioritizes democracy and the voice of the people.

You can find more info about John here:

Cheraton Love - NC Senate District 29


We are excited that Cheraton Love for NC Senate, our nominee for the 29th Senate District, is one of our #CardinalCandidates!

Cheraton is an administrator at Winston-Salem State University and has served on the Parent Advisory Council for Thomasville City Schools. She is running on ensuring we put education first, improve access to quality healthcare, and establish a sustainable workforce.

You can find more information about Cheraton here:

Dan Whitten - NC House District 15


As a candidate for the 15th House District, we are pleased to highlight Vote Dan Whitten for NC House 15 as one of our #CardinalCandidates!

Dan is running to solve real issues facing our community and state, such as the need for reforming the criminal justice system, funding public education, promoting gun responsibility, expanding healthcare, and solving the opioid epidemic.

You can find more information about Dan here: 

Michael Garrett - NC Senate District 27


We are excited to flip the 27th Senate District with Michael Garrett for NC Senate 27 as one of our #CardinalCandidates!

Michael is a small business owner running to attract new economic opportunities to Guilford County, boost our investment in public education, and bring an end to pay to play politics in North Carolina.

You can find out more information about Michael here:

Amanda Bregel - NC House District 87


We are excited that Amanda Bregel is one of our#CardinalCandidates!

Amanda is a teacher who is running for House District 87 in Caldwell County. She wants to ensure that education is supported and funded, jobs are created, citizens have resources to live healthy lives, and communities are strengthened.

You can find more information about Amanda here:

JD Wooten - NC Senate District 24


As a member of the #CardinalCandidates program, we are excited to highlight JD Wooten for NC Senate! He is running for the Senate in District 24.

J.D. is a lawyer and former U.S. Air Force officer. His campaign is highlighting the issues of investing in schools, providing access to healthcare, nurturing local businesses, and getting rid of partisan gerrymandering.

You can learn more about J.D. here:

Da'Quan Love - NC House District 4


We are excited that Da'Quan Love for North Carolina House Representative - 4th District is our nominee for the 4th House District and a member of the #CardinalCandidates program.

Da’Quan has made education, economic development, environment, and equal opportunities the central planks of his platform. He has a graduate of Hampton University who is completing his master’s degree in teaching at NC State and is a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

You can find more information about Da’Quan here:

D. Cole Phelps - NC Senate District 1

As part of the #CardinalCandidates program, we are happy to highlight D. Cole Phelps for NC Senate District One! Cole is running in the 1st Senate District.

Cole is a native of Washington County and founded his own law firm in Plymouth. He became the youngest county commissioner in the state when he took office in 2012. His platform consists of improving public safety, providing affordable housing and transportation, renewable energy, job opportunities, upgrading broadband, improving rural healthcare, and strengthening and preserving public education.

You can learn more about Cole here:

Ashton Clemmons - NC House District 57

We are excited to include Ashton Clemmons for NC as one of our #CardinalCandidates! Ashton is running in the newly drawn 57th House District.

Ashton is an educator, mother, and native North Carolinian. Most recently, she served as assistant superintendent of Thomasville City Schools, having previously worked as principal of schools in Rockingham and Guilford Counties. She’s running because North Carolina deserves leaders who will improve schools, expand job opportunities, protect our environment, and ensure basic rights, including fair voting districts and laws.

You can learn more about Ashton here:

Brandon Anderson - NC Senate 45th District


We’re excited to highlight Anderson For NC 45th Senate as one our our #CardinalCandidates this year! Brandon is running to turn the 45th Senate District blue!

Brandon is a native of Wilkes County and is an ordained minister. His campaign is focusing on healthcare, jobs, equality, and dignity for all North Carolinians.

You can find out more information on Brandon here:

Kris Rixon - NC House District 9


As part of the #CardinalCandidates program, we are pleased to help an active Young Democrat, Kris Rixon for NC House 9, to #FlipNCHouse09!

Kris is a product of Pitt County Public Schools and is a recent graduate of East Carolina University. He is committed to reinvesting in public schools and educators. He is interested in bring good government back to North Carolina and holding those in Raleigh accountable.

Kris has previously served in leadership positions with the Young Democrats of North Carolina, College Democrats of America, and College Democrats of North Carolina. You can learn more about Kris here:

Jeff Jackson - NC Senate District 37

As part of the #CardinalCandidates program, we’re excited to include Jeff Jackson!

Jeff is the youngest Democratic Senator in the NCGA. He’s previously worked as an assistant district attorney and continues his service as a Captain in the JAG Corps with the Army National Guard. He has been on the forefront of reforms in Raleigh, including independent redistricting and early childhood education.

Jeff is a great representative of the Young Democrats of North Carolina. You can find more information about Jeff here: 

Cecil Brockman - NC House District 60


As a Young Democrat representing the 60th House District, we’re proud that Cecil Brockman for NC House is one of our #CardinalCandidates.

Cecil is a native of High Point who is fighting to ensure North Carolina invests in our schools, expands Medicaid, and creates quality jobs. He wants to make sure we work together for a better North Carolina.

We need to ensure we continue having strong Young Democrats representing us in Raleigh. You can learn more information about Cecil here:

Chaz Beasley - NC House District 92

We’re excited to support one of our own, State Rep. Chaz Beasley, through the #CardinalCandidates program! 

He has been on the forefront of pushing a progressive agenda in Raleigh - advocating for better funding for our public schools, access to quality health care, and creating jobs around the state. We need to send Chaz back to Raleigh! 

You can find more information about Chaz here: 

Frank McNeill - NC 8th Congressional District


As part of the Cardinal Candidates program, we’re proud to support Frank McNeill for Congress, our nominee for the 8th Congressional District!

Frank is a lifelong North Carolinian and a 3rd generation small business owner. Frank knows the challenges our communities face. In Congress, Frank will fight for our values: decency, kindness, and hard work.

We need to make sure we elect Frank to Congress. You can find more information about Frank here: 

Linda Coleman - NC 2nd Congressional District

We’re thrilled to have an accomplished Democrat and candidate like Linda Coleman for Congress as part of the #CardinalCandidates program!

Over her career, Linda has gone from teacher to Wake County Commissioner to State Legislator to State Director of Human Resources. She has experience representing North Carolinians and will continue to do so in Washington.

It’s important that we have a Democrat representing us in the 2nd Congressional District. You can learn more information about Linda here: 

Ryan Watts - NC 6th Congressional District 

As a Young Democrat running to represent the 6th Congressional District, we’re proud that Watts for Congress is one of our#CardinalCandidates.

Ryan is a native North Carolinian who is running for Congress to provide new leadership in Washington. He’s a problem solver with business experience who is focused on finding solutions, not creating more division.

It’s important that we have Young Democrats representing us on all levels of government. You can learn more information about Ryan here:

Kathy Manning - NC 13th Congressional District 


As part of the Cardinal Candidates program, we’re excited to support Kathy Manning, our nominee for the 13th Congressional District!

Kathy is a business and community leader who has spent the last 30 years bringing people together to solve problems in our community, making it a better place for all of us. Now, Kathy is ready to take her skills and determination to Washington to fight for hard-working Americans and for our country.

Kathy represents the best of North Carolina Democrats. You can find more information about Kathy here: 

Dan McCready - NC 9th Congressional District


As our first Cardinal Candidates highlight, we’re excited to support Dan McCready for Congress, our nominee for the 9th Congressional District!

Dan is a veteran, small business owner, husband, and father of four. A native of Charlotte who felt the call to serve our country in the years after 9/11, Dan once again finds himself called to serve - this time against a broken Washington for the families of the Ninth District.

As a Young Democrat himself, we could think of no better candidate to kick off our program than Dan McCready. You can find more information about Dan here:

YDNC Hustle Squad


Want to make a difference this fall by electing Young Democrats up and down the ballot? Join our Hustle Squad:

The YDNC Hustle Squad will be using Hustle, a peer-to-peer text messaging platform, to text into key district - talking to voters directly. The Hustle Squad will be vital to getting out the vote for our Cardinal Candidates, which will influence elections across the state. 

YDNC Launches Innovative Program to Elect Young Democrats


On May 15, the Young Democrats of North Carolina (YDNC) announced the YDNC Cardinal Candidates Program to elect Young Democrats running for office across the state. YDNC will be using Hustle, a peer-to-peer text messaging platform, and social media engagement to turn out young voters in key districts. This unprecedented program will work in conjunction with the more traditional campaign strategies, such as calling voters or knocking on doors. 

"We are revolutionizing the way we think about campaigns" said YDNC President Anne Evangelista. "As a statewide organization, we have the ability to harness the energy of Young Democrats throughout the state and focus it on districts where we have a real chance of electing fresh, new candidates" 

The Following people have been added as YDNC Cardinal Candidates: 

-Kathy Manning - 13th Congressional 

-Linda Coleman - 2nd Congressional 

-Frank McNeill - 8th Congressional

-Ryan Watts - 6th Congressional 

-Dan McCready - 9th Congressional 

-Kris Rixon - 9th House 

-Albeiro Florez - 45th House 

-Steven Buccini - 59th House 

-Erica McAdoo - 63rd House 

-Rep. Chaz Beasley - 92nd House 

-Wesley Harris - 105th House 

-Da'quan Love - 4th House 

-Dan Whitten - 15th House 

-Ashton Clemmons - 57th House 

-Rep. Cecil Brockman - 60th House 

-Amanda Bregel - 87th House 

-Carla Fassbender - 95th House 

-Cole Phelps - 1st Senate 

-Michael Garrett - 27th Senate 

-John Motsinger, Jr. - 31st Senate 

-Sen. Jeff Jackson - 37th Senate 

-J.D. Wooten - 24th Senate 

-Cheraton Love - 29th Senate 

-Caroline Walker - 35th Senate 

-Brandon Anderson 45th Senate 

More will be added to the YDNC Cardinal Candidates list throughout the summer and fall. 

"As the former President of YDNC, I'm thrilled to see what this program will do for our young candidates" said North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Wayne Goodwin. "We're ready to take back the majority in the General Assembly and win races up and down the ballot and we know that young people are key to those victories" 

Founded in 1928, the Young Democrats of North Carolina (YDNC) is an organization for all registered Democrats age 36 and under, including College Democrats and Teen Democrats. YDNC is one of the oldest political organizations in our state, and is the founding state federation of the Young Democrats of America. YDNC is the official youth auxiliary of the North Carolina Democratic Party.