"Ending Amendment One will mean our work protecting equality for all was not in vain. As an ally fighting against this legislation, I got to see the ugly side of North Carolina. Striking down this amendment puts us on the right side of history." - Ashlei Blue 

"The reason I got involved with the Amendment One fight is because I have two gay moms. Specifically, their names are Debra O'Connell and Joanne Fiore and they are two of the most amazing people I've had in my life. When I was younger Debra, my sisters and I lived in an apartment no bigger than my current office. So that I could have my own room my mother slept on a futon in the living room. This is when we met Joanne. We soon moved in with Joanne, we all got all are own rooms and my mother never had to sleep on a futon again. These are the values my parents taught me: compassion, sacrifice, selflessness, determination and most importantly love. That's why I got involved with the Amendment One fight and why we need to end it now. My parents deserve the same recognition that every straight couple gets. Ending Amendment One for me will mean getting to attend my parents wedding and finally being able to know that our values are also the values of our NC home." - Thomas O'Connell

“Ending Amendment One will mean being able to marry the one I love in my own state. I grew up in North Carolina and when I've mentioned getting married, even before Amendment One, it was a far-fetched idea that I would be able to one day marry the one I love. It wasn't all that long ago that marriage equality applied to just a hand full of Northern states. With Amendment One the sting was twice as bad. Not only did my state vote to limit my own rights, but it would mean that the state I know, love, and want to continue to live in would not be the state on my marriage license. Striking down the unconstitutional Amendment One would mean being accepted by the state I love to marry the person I love.” – Matt Hughes 

“Ending Amendment One is a needed step to insure LGBTQ North Carolinian's have full equality and equal access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Marriage is an act that symbolizes love and commitment, and it protects and supports families. All families deserve to have their relationships valued by the government. As a gay North Carolinian, I hope to live in a state that recognizes my commitment in the same way it values straight couples' relationships.” –Lee Storrow 


“The ending of Amendment One will mean that all of the amazing supportive communities across North Carolina, can once again feel a sense of belonging, love, and connection to the beautiful place we call home. This ending will bring us all one step closer to annihilating discrimination in our jobs and where we live. Most importantly, it will tell the young LGBTQ individuals growing up in rural NC (like I did), that they are legally accepted and that it is okay to love who they love in the eyes of the law. That alone makes every second spent fighting to defeat the amendment, well worth it.” – Chris Speer

“Ending Amendment One means that we will be one step closer to a North Carolina that embraces all of its' residents. Ending Amendment One means that my friends, colleagues and members of communities all across our beautiful state will realize that their hard work and perseverance was not in vain. Ending Amendment One will allow the broader conversation to shift from the freedom to marry to ending workplace discrimination, enforcing the safe schools act, protecting our transgender neighbors, and so much more. Ending Amendment One means that LGBTQ North Carolina youth might feel a little less lonely and feel hope. Ending Amendment One means that everyone that left our great state because of the pain, frustration, isolation and misery of such a horrible piece of legislation that they couldn't bear to stay any longer might hear the welcoming cry of "come back home." Sweet tea and biscuits, friendly neighbors, rocking chairs on porches, and destroying Amendment One keep me here. Let's make Equality a North Carolina value.” – Ben Church

“Ending Amendment One means knowing I'll get to be the mother of the groom someday when my son is grown, no matter whom he chooses to marry.” – Anna Stearns

“Ending Amendment One will become a living witness that at the heart of all of our values is the Golden Rule, that we treat each other they way we'd want to be treated, with respect and dignity. We can create a newer America that honors stable and lasting commitments rooted in fidelity and responsibility through expanding marriage to cover gay couples like my friends Lennie and Pearl who've been together for nearly 50 years; or for basic legal protections for young children with special needs. We must be strong in our commitment to not only address the issue of marriage but discrimination of the LGBT community in all its forms including employment, health care, housing. These actions will let all our children and families gay and straight know they care loved and valued and America truly is a country of freedom, equality, and opportunity for all. That's the America I believe in and the one you should too!” – Jeff Thigpen

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