Goodwin Fellow

The North Carolina Democratic Party is pleased to announce it is accepting applications for its Fall 2016 class of Goodwin Fellows. Being a Goodwin Fellow prepares students and young adults an opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of political campaigns, business operations, communications strategy, and state-of-the-art data tools used in the field. Goodwin Fellows will be trained by recognized leaders in the North Carolina Democratic Party and will have several opportunities to meet elected officials across the state. Because of the interest in the program, those interested are encouraged to submit an application and will be considered after an interview and selection process. Opportunities are available in the following fields: Finance, Political, Data, Communications, and Digital. Please indicate what field you are intersted in when you apply, we will keep these prefrences in mind but placement in your top field is not guarenteed. 

Applying to become a Goodwin Fellow might be a good opportunity for you if:


  1. You have interest in Democratic politics and campaigns
  2. You can commit at least 15 hours a week (September 6- December 5) to the fellowship at party headquarters in Raleigh
  3. You enjoy working in high-paced and demanding environments that provide you with learning opportunities


This position is an unpaid fellowship to provide educational opportunities to young adults.

Positions open include Finance, Political, Data, Communications, and Digital.

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North Carolina Democratic Party - Organizer Position

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

The North Carolina Democratic Party is seeking full-time Organizers to join the Democratic coordinated campaign for highly targeted national and state races. The coordinated campaign will play a critical role in helping to elect Democrats up and down the ballot in North Carolina this year: from helping Legislative campaigns in targeted state house and state senate seats all the way up the ballot to the campaign for President. Organizers will be responsible for recruiting, training, and coordinating volunteer operations for the campaign to register, persuade and motivate voters. Ideal candidates are hard-working, self-motivated, detail-oriented individuals with an ability to hit metrics-based goals, build relationships with volunteers, and turn out voters. Organizers will report directly to the Regional Organizing Director in his/her assigned region.

 For more information and to apply visit:

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NC Coordinated Campaign Campus Organizer

The NC Democratic Coordinated Campaign is looking for high-energy, passionate campus organizers willing to work long hours to help us recruit volunteers and fellows, register voters, and mobilize students to vote across the state. This year, our organizing program is based on voter registration and GOTV, and there’s nowhere you can make a bigger impact towards these goals than on an NC Campus.

If you’re serious about mobilizing the student vote and helping us win up and down the ballot for NC Democrats this year, please send your resume and three references to Sarah Fellman at

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Sierra Club Environmental Career Apprenticeship Program

The Apprenticeship program involves a full-time, 6 month paid staff position that will be based in one of the Sierra Club’s offices. The program will run from Monday October 13, 2014 through Friday April 10, 2015. In addition to your salary, the Sierra Club will pay (up to a certain amount) for your transportation to the office in which you are placed, if you presently reside outside of the area, and for your return transportation home at the end of the program, if you are not remaining in that city. You will be responsible for all of your living expenses during the program.

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Amnesty International - Young Leaders Fellowship

The Young Leaders Fellowship is a one-year, paid fellowship that aims to develop the next generation of human rights leaders and build capacity for membership growth.

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A new State House Candidate with a surprising chance of winning needs a new campaign manager because current one cannot commit sufficiently, because of job conflicts. Looking for someone to commit time and energy in this great career building opportunity. You can become the architect of unseating a Tea Party incumbent. While this does not pay now, it will pay off later!

Contact, 910-228-8679

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Fundraising Specialist or pick your own title. Strictly commission but potentially lucrative in expanding campaign financing to budding state house candidate. Plenty of leads -- all it takes is organization and followup. Will have access to VoteBuilder and other resources.


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Intern with Lillian's List!

Undergraduate and graduate students with a demonstrated interest in women's issues or progressive politics preferred. This internship is unpaid and begins in August continuing throughout the fall semester for 10-15 hours per week. We are willing to work with students and universities to coordinate academic credit. The position is onsite at our office in Raleigh. Interns must have access to a personal laptop.

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America Votes Internship

America Votes is pleased to offer internship positions for undergraduate students, graduate students and young adults with a strong interest in progressive advocacy, organizing, and media communications.

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The North Carolina Coordinated Campaign is hiring top-quality Field Organizers for its campaign for nationally and state targeted races including Senator Kay Hagan, the state legislature, competitive Congressional races, and more.

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