Goodwin Fellow

The North Carolina Democratic Party is pleased to announce it is accepting applications for its Fall 2016 class of Goodwin Fellows. Being a Goodwin Fellow prepares students and young adults an opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of political campaigns, business operations, communications strategy, and state-of-the-art data tools used in the field. Goodwin Fellows will be trained by recognized leaders in the North Carolina Democratic Party and will have several opportunities to meet elected officials across the state. Because of the interest in the program, those interested are encouraged to submit an application and will be considered after an interview and selection process. Opportunities are available in the following fields: Finance, Political, Data, Communications, and Digital. Please indicate what field you are intersted in when you apply, we will keep these prefrences in mind but placement in your top field is not guarenteed. 

Applying to become a Goodwin Fellow might be a good opportunity for you if:


  1. You have interest in Democratic politics and campaigns
  2. You can commit at least 15 hours a week (September 6- December 5) to the fellowship at party headquarters in Raleigh
  3. You enjoy working in high-paced and demanding environments that provide you with learning opportunities


This position is an unpaid fellowship to provide educational opportunities to young adults.

Positions open include Finance, Political, Data, Communications, and Digital.

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